We established Generation ALFA in 2006 with a strong commitment towards placing our Clients’ interests in the center of our company’s core values; and hence securing these interests at all times. We never believed in the "One solution fits all" philosophy, and therefore made sure that our Clients benefit from a personalized service to address their individual concerns, objectives, and ambitions. In order to achieve our goals, we have applied, since the beginning, rigorous principals so as to consistently be a great added value advisor to our Clients. We were convinced that, with this approach, we would create a strong and unparalleled connection between our clients and our commitment.
We take pride in the evolvement of our company from a multi-family office to a fully-fledged financial firm offering Wealth Management and Direct Investment Services through our presence in Geneva and London.

Today we credit our achievement to our Clients’ satisfaction, which we greatly value. Over the years our model has worked. Our Wealth Management division has been achieving consistent performances, while our Corporate Advisory team’s expertise has been providing a unique service to our Clients.

Today, more than ever, we remain committed to a crystal-clear set of professional values, the most important of which is to apply the highest dedicated service standard with the aim of assisting our Clients in achieving their financial goals.

Mirko Visco - Managing Director