Through our extensive global network of relationships encompassing governments, corporate leaders and Ultra High Net Worth families, and our commitment towards assisting our Clients with their growth and diversification plans, we have created a specialized division dedicated to offer our clients a private access to direct investment opportunities and club deals.
Real Estate
We have been successfully assisting our Clients in building and managing their real-estate portfolios in Europe and other parts of the world by providing them with a privileged access to some of the most prominent and reputable Real-Estate specialized advisory firms with a proven track record and tested professional services.
Moreover, we offer those clients that wish to co-invest in real-estate opportunities the chance to access private real-estate club deals and off-market transactions in some of the highest profile capitals in the world.
Non Real-Estate
Be it for the purpose of diversifying away from existing industry exposure or for the sake of achieving horizontal growth, we provide our Clients with access to private equity and direct investment opportunities in some of the most attractive sectors, regions or firms and with the most reputable entrepreneurs/partners in the world.